Thank you Jim for a great job

We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the Nudura ICF product and installation utilized on our new home. The end result was of exceptional quality with all the walls being perfectly straight, level and square. Any premium cost of this product was more than off set by avoiding the need to install and remove concrete forms and the ease of finishing the interior of the basement walls, not to mention the extra space gained by not requiring framing on the inside of the walls. The finished product has resulted in a cozy and well insulated basement which holds heat extremely well.

Thank you Jim for a great job!

- John and Maggie Porter

Kootenay's ICF always has a plan

My wife and I decided to build another house; I did alot of research on ICF systems as things had changed in the 10 years since we built our first house.  I was already a big advocate of the whole ICF system as our old house had an ICF basement.

Needless to say all my research kept bringing me back to the NUDURA brand ICF as it easily seemed the superior product to the other brands on the market. The two main features were the size of the block and the way they locked together to ensure a smooth trouble free pour with no form floating. I looked around for suppliers and luckily found Jim Nichol locally.

I called Jim and gave him our house plan and told him we would like to build the entire house with NUDURA ICF to the roof trusses. Jim was a great help from the start of the footing layout, to the final pour on the walls. He always had a plan and proved to be an ICF expert. He walked us through the entire job, answered all the questions we had and did a quality job all round.

As for the NUDURA ICF, our house will be very energy efficient, warm in the winter and cool in the summer and built to last the ages.

- Blaise and Andrea Manning
Cranbrook BC